About The Author 3 Songs With Chorus (1. Allena) 3 Songs With Chorus (3. The Cottage In The Dell) Ah! One By One (Complete Score) Annie Dear (Complete Score) Beautiful Dreams (Complete Score) Behold Now, Praise The Lord (Complete Score) Benedic Anima Mea And Gloria In F Major (Complete Score) Birdie Blossom (Complete Score) Blessed Are The Heirs Of Heaven (Ads) Blessed Are The Heirs Of Heaven (Complete Score) Christ Our Passover (Complete Score) Coming Home Again (Complete Score) Crown Of Jewels (1. Rejoice In The Lord (Anthem From Psalm XXXIII), In F Major.) Crown Of Jewels (10. Christ Being Risen From The Dead (Anthem For Easter In B♭.)) Crown Of Jewels (12. Offertory Sentences In A-Flat.) Crown Of Jewels (13. Hail, Star Of Dawn. Glee For Mixed Voices A Cappella In C.) Crown Of Jewels (3. Blessed Be The Lord God Of Israel, Anthem In E-Flat.) Crown Of Jewels (7. Gloria Patri In B-Flat.) Crown Of Jewels (8. Christmas Anthem 'Make A Joyful Noise' In C.) Dreaming Of My Darling (Complete Score) Father And Mother Are Homeless To-Day (Complete Score) Give Us Water, Cold Water (Complete Score) In The Cottage O'er The Way (Complete Score) It Seems Like An Age Since We Parted (Complete Score) Lassie And Laddie (Complete Score) Leaves Of Autumn (Complete Score) O Beauteous Star (Complete Score) Only A Little While (Complete Score) Our Happy Trysting Place (Complete Score) Praise Offerings (1. Is There A Lone And Dreary Hour?) Pretty Little Bright Eyes (Complete Score) Rummy Jamie Rummage (Complete Score) Shout Your Glad Hosannas (Complete Score) Silver Threads Among The Gold (Complete Score) Silver Threads Among The Gold (Complete Score) The Maid Of Glendare (Complete Score) The Old School-House Down By The Mill (Complete Score) When Papa Dear Comes Home (Complete Score) Wife, Children, Home And Friends (Complete Score) Zanie (Libretto & Complete Score)

Danks, Hart Pease

Hart Pease Danks was a musician who specialized in composing, singing and leading choral groups... read more