About The Author 2 Juvenile Songs (1. The Old School House) 2 Juvenile Songs (2. Dreaming Still I Hear The Clock) Ave Maria, Op.129 (Complete Score) Canon En Forme De Marche, Op.127 (Complete Score) Cazeneuve's Favorite Polka, Op.112 (Complete Score) Etude In Double Notes, Op.117 (Complete Score) Golden Childhood, Op.124 (1. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. (Andante Religioso)) Golden Childhood, Op.124 (11. The Building Of The Nest. (Allegro Moderato)) Golden Childhood, Op.124 (12. The Meadows (Tempo Di Minuetto)) Golden Childhood, Op.124 (13. Prelude And Chorale. (Lento - Poco PiĆ¹ Mosso)) Golden Childhood, Op.124 (2. The Nurse's Song (Moderato)) Golden Childhood, Op.124 (3. Heigho! Heigho! Heigho! (Presto Scherzando)) Golden Childhood, Op.124 (4. "I Must Not Teaze My Mother." (Moderato)) Golden Childhood, Op.124 (5. The Honorable Mrs Bond. Adapted To An Old English Ditty (Animato)) Humoresque, Op.133 (Complete Score) La Nuit De Mai, Op.108 (Complete Score) M'aimes-Tu?, Op.109 (Complete Score) Merry Christmas Rondino, Op.131 (Complete Score) Messe Solennelle, Op.145 (Contents And I. Kyrie) Messe Solennelle, Op.145 (Dona Nobis Pacem) Messe Solennelle, Op.145 (II. Gloria) Messe Solennelle, Op.145 (III. Credo) Messe Solennelle, Op.145 (IV. Offertorium - V. Sanctus - Benedictus) Messe Solennelle, Op.145 (VI. Agnus Dei -) Minuet De Boccherini, Op.107 (Complete Score) Minuet De Boccherini, Op.107 (Complete Score) Minuetto Serioso (Complete Score) Minuetto Serioso (Complete Score) Oriental March, Op.173 (Complete Score) Padre Martini's Gavotte (Complete Score) The Royal May! (Complete Score) The Throne Of Grace, Op.207 (Complete Score) Valse De Concert, Op.136 (Complete Score) Veni Creator Spiritus, Op.172 (Complete Score)

Dulcken, Ferdinand Quentin