About The Author 2 Organ Pieces, Op.113 (1. Spring Song) 2 Organ Pieces, Op.113 (2. Carillon) 2 Short Sketches (Complete Score) 4 Pieces For Organ, Op.183 (No.1. Alleluia!) 4 Pieces For Organ, Op.183 (No.2. Wedding Chimes) 4 Pieces For Organ, Op.183 (No.3. Christmas Meditation) 4 Pieces For Organ, Op.183 (No.4. Hosanna) Andante Affettuóso (Complete Score) Andante Pastorale (Score (Organ)) Barcarolle In A Minor (Complete Score) Barcarolle In B-Flat Major (Score (Organ)) Barcarolle In G Major (Complete Score) Berceuse In D-Flat Major (Complete Score) Berceuse In G Major (Complete Score) Berceuse In G Major (Complete Score) Cantilène In A Major (Complete Score) Caprice, Op.96 (Complete Score) Communion In F Major (Complete Score) Concert Overture In E-Flat Major (Complete Score) Concert Prelude And Fugue (Complete Score) Elégie In F Minor (Complete Score) Élévation In B Minor (Complete Score) Fantasia In D Major (Complete Score) Festival Prelude On Ein Feste Burg (Complete Score) Gavotte And Musette (Complete Score) Grand Choeur And Chanson, Op.136 (1. Grand Choeur) Grand Choeur And Chanson, Op.136 (Complete Score) Grand Chœur In A Major (Complete Score) Idylle In D-Flat Major (Complete Score) Lègende And Finale (Score (Organ)) March In E-Flat Major (Complete Score) Marche Nuptiale (Complete Score) Marche Pontificale (Complete Score) Marche Religieuse (Complete Score) Marriage Benediction (Complete Score) Meditation (Complete Score) Meditation In E-Flat Major (Complete Score) Nocturne And Barcarolle, Op.104 (1. Nocturne) Nocturne And Barcarolle, Op.104 (2. Barcarolle) Nocturne, Minuet And Trio, Op.142 (1. Nocturne) Nuptial Postlude In F Major (Complete Score) Offertoire In E Minor (Complete Score) Offertoire In The Style Of Lefébure-Wély (Complete Score) Organ Sonata No.2, Op.106 (Complete Score) Overture In F Major (Complete Score) Pastorale In A Major (Complete Score) Pastorale In E Major (Complete Score) Prelude And Fugue In G Minor (Complete Score) Prelude Heroic And Carillon, Op.139 (1. Prelude Heroic) Prière In D Major (Complete Score) Processional March (Complete Score) Rhapsodie In G Minor (Complete Score) Rhapsodie On A Theme For Pentecost (Complete Score) Rhapsodie On Old French Carols (Complete Score) Romance (Complete Score) Scherzo Symphonique, Op.123 No.2 (Complete Score) Serenata (Complete Score) Sombre March (Complete Score) Theme (Complete Score) Theme (Complete Score) Theme And Variations, Op.143 (Complete Score) Toccata In F Major (Complete Score)

Faulkes, William