About The Author 3 Four-Part Songs (1. Miranda) 3 Four-Part Songs (2. A Rose To A Rose) 3 Four-Part Songs (3. The Future) A Dirge For Summer, Schleifer 272 (Complete Score) A Love Song, Schleifer 331 (Complete Score) A Maid's Choice, Schleifer 24 (Complete Score) A Song Of Doubt And A Song Of Faith, Schleifer 415 (Complete Score) Andante, Schleifer 19 (Complete Score) Angels From The Realms Of Glory (Complete Score) Angels From The Realms Of Glory, Schleifer 238 (Complete Score) Autumn Song, Schleifer 241 (Complete Score) Behold My Servant, Schleifer 38 (Complete Score) Benedic Anima Mea, Schleifer 41 (Complete Score) Benedictus In G Major (Complete Score) Benedictus No.2 In F Major (Complete Score) Blessed Morning, Schleifer 244 (Complete Score) Bonum Est, Schleifer 49 (Complete Score) Brightest And Best, Schleifer 247 (Complete Score) Calm On The List'ning Ear Of Night, Schleifer 50 (Complete Score) Cantate Domino, Schleifer 51 (Complete Score) Children, Can You Truly Tell?, Schleifer 255 (Complete Score) Christ Is Risen, Schleifer 56 (Complete Score) Christ Our Passover Is Sacrificed For Us, Schleifer 57 (Complete Score) Come O'er The Sea, Schleifer 197 (Complete Score) Does He Love Me, Schleifer 273 (Complete Score) Does He Love Me, Schleifer 273 (Cover Page) Dolphin Lullaby (Complete Score) Dream Baby Dream, Schleifer 275 (Complete Score) Gloria In Excelsis, Schleifer 83 (Complete Score) God Is Our Refuge And Strength, Schleifer 79 (Complete Score) Good Christian People All, Schleifer 294 (Complete Score) Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead, Schleifer 204 (Complete Score) It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, Schleifer 102 (Complete Score) Jubilate Deo In G Major, Schleifer 112 (Complete Score) Jubilate In G Major (Complete Score) Merry Christmas Bells Are Ringing, Schleifer 340 (Complete Score) O Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me Out (Complete Score (High Voice In A♭)) Prayers Of Love, Schleifer 380 (Complete Score) Southern Lullaby, Schleifer 419 (Complete Score) Te Dominum, Schleifer 174 (Complete Score) The Lamb Of God, Schleifer 115 (Complete Score) The Piper, Schleifer 376 (Complete Score) Une Petite Suite, Schleifer 25 (No.1: Alla Marcia) Une Petite Suite, Schleifer 25 (No.4: Fughetta) We Two Together, Schleifer 223 (Complete Score) Whip-Poor-Will (Complete Score)

Gilchrist, William Wallace

William Wallace Gilchrist was an American composer and a major figure in nineteenth century music of Philadelphia... read more