About The Author 2 Compositions, Op.36 (Complete Score And Part) 2 Songs, Op.49 (Color Cover) 2 Songs, Op.49 (Complete Score) 4 Gedichte Von O.J. Birbaum, Op.42 (Color Cover) 4 Gedichte Von O.J. Birbaum, Op.42 (Complete Score) 5 Poems Of Childhood, Op.47 (Complete Score) 5 Songs, Op.44 (1. The Face Of All The World Has Changed) 5 Songs, Op.44 (2. In Confidence) 5 Songs, Op.44 (3. I Heard A Maid With Her Guitar) 5 Songs, Op.44 (4. The Year's At The Spring) 5 Songs, Op.44 (5. Come What Will, You Are Mine To-Day) 6 Tone Pictures, Op.14 (Complete Score) A Legend Of Granada, Op.45 (Complete Score) And Ye Shall Serve The Lord Your God (Complete Score) Azora, The Daughter Of Montezuma, Op.80 (Act I (With Title Page, Preliminaries)) Azora, The Daughter Of Montezuma, Op.80 (Act II) Azora, The Daughter Of Montezuma, Op.80 (Act III) Bianca, Op.79 (Segment 1) Bianca, Op.79 (Segment 2) Bianca, Op.79 (Segment 3) Blessed Are The Undefiled (Vocal Score) Cleopatra's Night, Op.90 (Section 1) Cleopatra's Night, Op.90 (Section 2) Cleopatra's Night, Op.90 (Section 3) Cleopatra's Night, Op.90 (Section 4) Easter (Complete Score) He That Dwelleth In The Secret Place (Vocal Score) How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings (Vocal Score) In Bohemia, Op.28 (Complete Score) In Music's Praise, Op.21 (Color Cover) In Music's Praise, Op.21 (Complete Score) Lelawala, Op.13 (Complete Score) Love's Rapture (Complete Score) Merlin And Vivian, Op.52 (Complete Score) Nancy Brown (Complete Score) O Give Thanks Unto The Lord (Vocal Score) Othello Overture, Op.96 (Color Cover) Othello Overture, Op.96 (Segment 1) Othello Overture, Op.96 (Segment 2) Piano Quintet, Op.50 (Piano Score) Piano Quintet, Op.50 (Viola) Piano Quintet, Op.50 (Violin 1) Piano Quintet, Op.50 (Violin 2) Piano Quintet, Op.50 (Violoncello) Rabbi Ben Ezra (Complete Score) Resurgam, Op.98 (Segment 1) Resurgam, Op.98 (Segment 2) Resurgam, Op.98 (Segment 3) Salome, Op.55 (Complete Score) Silhouettes, Op.77 (III. Italian) Silhouettes, Op.77 (IV. American) Songs, Op.84 (2. The Time Of Parting) Songs, Op.84 (Color Cover) Symphonic Fantasia, Op.46 (Color Cover) Symphonic Fantasia, Op.46 (Complete Performance) Symphonic Fantasia, Op.46 (Complete Score) Symphony No.2, Op.30 'The Four Seasons' (Color Cover) Symphony No.2, Op.30 'The Four Seasons' (Pages 1-68) Symphony No.2, Op.30 'The Four Seasons' (Pages 139-207) Symphony No.2, Op.30 'The Four Seasons' (Pages 69-138) The Atonement Of Pan (Complete Score) The Culprit Fay, Op.62 (Color Cover) The Culprit Fay, Op.62 (Complete Score) The Fire Prince (Complete Score) The Flag (Complete Score) The Fountain (Complete Score) The Golden Prince, Op.69 (Complete Score) The Lord Is My Strength (Complete Score) The New Earth, Op.85 (Complete Score) The Walrus And The Carpenter (Complete Score) While You Sleep (Complete Score)

Hadley, Henry Kimball

Henry Kimball Hadley was an American composer and conductor... read more