About The Author 2 Angels, Op.90 (Complete Score) 4 Sacred Pieces, Op.124 (1. Venite) 4 Sacred Pieces, Op.124 (2. Te Deum) All The Year Round, Op.32 (Complete Score) As Twilight Falls, Op.120 (Complete Score) Autumn Song, Op.88 (Complete Score) Bon Ton, Op.127 (Complete Score) Brook Song, Op.118 (Complete Score) Chant Des Oiseaux, Op.35 (Complete Score) Dauntless (Complete Score) Gems Of Melody (3. Pearl Waltz) Honor The Brave! (Complete Score (With Rehearsal Piano Part)) Hymns, Op.122 (2. Hark! Hark My Soul (Hymn No.485)) Le Feu-Follet, Op.131 (Complete Score) Les Sons Doux, Op.102 (Complete Score) March Heroic, Op.123 (Complete Score) Message Of Love Galop, Op.76 (Complete Score) Message Of Love Rêverie, Op.73 (Complete Score) My Charmer, Op.126 (Complete Score) Nilsson Waltz (Complete Score) Nocturne No.1, Op.41 (Complete Score) Nocturne No.2, Op.93 (Complete Score) On The Lake, Op.130 (Complete Score) Our First (Our First Galop) Our First (Our First March) Our First (Our First Mazurka) Our First (Our First Polka) Our First (Our First Rondo) Our First (Our First Schottische) Our First (Our First Waltz) Our Little Friends (Complete Score) Patti (Complete Score) Return Of The Brave, Op.79 (Complete Score) Rustic Belle, Op.44 (Complete Score) Shepherd Girl, Op.121 (Complete Score) Spring Welcome, Op.26 (Complete Score) Summer Day Musings, Op.106 (Complete Score) Sweet Memories, Op.132 (Complete Score) Swing Song No.2, Op.110 (Complete Score) The Blue And The Gray (Complete Score) The Fairies' Evening Song, Op.36 (Complete Score) There Is A Green Hill Far Away, Op.48 (Complete Score) Tone Pictures, Op.47 (1. Contentment) Tone Pictures, Op.47 (2. Swing Song (No.1)) Tone Pictures, Op.47 (6. Le Chant De Cœur) Voice Of Spring, Op.135 (Complete Score And Part) Voice Of Spring, Op.135 (Complete Score) Waving Banners, Op.112 (Complete Score)

Sudds, William F.